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Gated Community Security | Logandale Estate


Tightly monitoring access while remaining goodwill ambassadors Ausguard provides contract security services to Logandale Estate, a private residential and golfing community of about 2,000 residences in Cornubia QLD.

The officers need to exude a feeling of welcome while keeping a watchful eye on who enters and exits the 200-acre Estate.


○  The visitor management system screens arrival of residents, visitors and contractors. The system allows daily activity logs, patrol officer reports, revenue tracking, and onsite visitor and contractor lists to be compiled.

○  The personal touch is felt through the 24/7 staffing of the security gatehouse. Officers maintain a security presence throughout the Estate, with officers also conducting regular vehicle patrols via the Ausguard patrol Golf Buggy and Patrol utility. 


The responsiveness and professionalism of the officers is so appreciated that the Logandale management considers it an extension of the community’s amenities. “Site Manager Adam Lovelock and his staff are outstanding. They are respected by our residents and their friendly demeanor is welcoming to guests, residents and prospective homeowners.” says Tracy Meehan - Vice Chairperson, Logandale Residents Ltd.

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