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Target Hardening

One of the key elements of reducing the chance of your home being exposed to theft is to target harden. Remember that a burglar will simply bypass your home if it requires more skill and tools than they possess. Ausguard can assist you in assessing your present security and advise you in upgrading your security, if required.

Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Sliding glass doors are mostly secured by latches and not locks, this make them vulnerable to being forced open from the outside because of these inherently defective latch mechanisms. This can vulnerability can be improved, with limited cost, by inserting a wooden dowel or stick into the track thus preventing or limiting movement.


Windows tend to be left open or unlocked at at much higher rate than doors. Open windows, which are visible from the street, can be one of the main reasons that your home is selected by an intruder.


Interior lighting is an effective method to shows signs of personal presence within a home at night. Timers on your lights should be used regularly, not just when you are home. If this is done, you set up a routine that your neighbours can observe and will allow them to be aware of any suspicious changes in this routine. Typically you should use light timers near the front and back windows with the window coverings closed. This pattern of lights turning on and off should stimulate actual occupancy.

And most of all

Be a good neighbour

Good neighbours look out for each other, they can be one of your best defences in reducing crime. Get to know your neighbours on each side of your home and also across your street, communicate with them and establish trust. Good neighbours will be able to watch your home when your are away, they are also able to report any suspicious activity to the police when you are away.

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